#MiM19 Series: Closing Thoughts

Dirk: That’s the end of the four topics that we have, so it’s time for a short wrap-up session of what we’ve just discussed. And, we began this discussion with a question or the statement that millennials are about to inherit the legacy of the Baby Boomers, and is it a legacy they would want? So after almost an hour of discussion, what’s your conclusion, what’s your summary? Do you want to take this legacy or not?

Elliot: I kind of think that the Baby Boomers are kind of prone to almost sometimes irrationally strongly held beliefs that they want everybody to believe in, and I feel like we’ve definitely gone down in certain rabbit-hole directions for the last … 25 years in this industry, and I’m looking forward to an industry run by millennials. I think millennials are more connected. I think we’re more willing to democratically come up with solutions. I think we’re less likely to be worried about rank or status, and we’re more likely to just have the conversation. I don’t know what it’s going to do, but I think it’s going to be better than what’s been before us.

Krzysztof: Well, as you said, we’re a little bit different breed. It’s always whenever you check in history, every elder generation says that everything’s going to trash and the new kids are not respecting the old ones. It has always been like that. Even in some Mesopotamian tablets, there it was literally thousands of years ago. But we have actually experienced, in our lifetime, a drastic change. Things that used to occupy our parents are irrelevant for us. You don’t have to look through the map, though it comes with a price if your GPS falls off. But, especially in this industry, the room for improvement is larger than life.

Eslie: My slide at CTAC was about how actually how little the industry has changed from the 1980s until now, and I think we’ve accelerated this change very much in the last 10-20 years and that’s definitely something I would be willing to take over as a millennial. I’m very enthusiastic to work in this industry. I hope all the generations before us will be happy to hand it over to us and to help us to learn and to continue this growth in the industry.

Dirk: So, millennials are an accelerator to technology and change?

Jennifer: I totally agree, Eslie. And, I think it’s because we are not afraid of change, so we are trying to make our working environment now even better, let’s say. It’s not about just making the money. We also want a good work/life balance, and so on. I think we’re ready, and I think there’s a very good basis to build on.

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